Both TypeApp and BlueMail are free, beautifully designed, universal email clients offered in any language, with Smart Push notifications that fit all your needs, all your circumstances, for any type of user:
• Supports IMAP, Exchange and POP3
• Available for your email accounts used for personal, work related, studies, family, shopping and any activity
• Easily accessible using Android Talkback
• Made for all ages, lifestyles and usage habits
• Colorful and easy to customize to meet your personal preferences.
• All types of mobile devices, platforms and wearable devices

At work, home, on the run, at the gym or at the beach, both TypeApp and BlueMail are always with you. Type and Blue are the most convenient email apps to manage your accounts – and most comfortable way to manage your life.

TypeApp & BlueMail support IMAP, Exchange and POP3

Most providers today offer IMAP accounts – this is great for people with multiple devices, who want to keep everything synchronized, get their email promptly, have backups for their important messages, be able to organize emails and access their mails from anywhere.

Some providers may only offer you POP / POP3 accounts – you will have a simple download-and-delete and access your remote mailboxes. Although most POP clients have an option to leave mails on the server after download, typically the client will connect, retrieve all messages, store them on the user’s device as a new messages, delete them from the server, and then disconnect. If your provider only offers POP you will have to use that mode.

Exchange – This type of email account behaves much like IMAP but the server is a Microsoft Exchange server. This is mostly used by big companies.

TypeApp and BlueMail support all these modes, and you can even have some accounts using one protocol and others using another, while preserving your unified inbox experience.

TypeApp Exchange
BlueMail Providers

Type supports Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo

Type Mail App easily connects to all major providers:

• Gmail and Google Apps
• Outlook / MSN / Live / Hotmail and Office 365
• Yahoo
• iCloud
• Exchange

Using Other Email you can connect any other account, POP3 providers and private email servers.

Enable Email for All Providers

Type and Blue connect to all sorts of accounts easily and quickly and supports the smartest push notifications from: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, Live, Yandex, ymail, iCloud,, GMX,, Hushmail, Zoho,,, QIP, Rambler and more

TypeApp Universal Access
TypeApp Devices

All the mobile devices – phones and wearable devices

TypeApp and BlueMail support all mobile devices, platforms, watches and wearable devices, so you won’t miss any opportunity to communicate. Type and Blue is with you – whether you’re at home, work, at the gym, shopping or at the beach, no matter what mobile device you use, Type and Blue is your personal assistant.

Emails as Tasks

Type App and Blue Mail support multiple efficient ways to manage your account, and fit your habits:

• Classic read / unread email listing – so you process your unread emails
• Star / priority – to identify important emails
• Folders and filing – to sort and store your emails
• Zero Inbox and getting stuff done – ability to delete, defer, delegate or do.

With emails as tasks, you can set emails for later, get reminders, and snooze notifications and handle emails when it works for you.

TypeApp Tasks
TypeApp Themes

All the colors in the world: Type App and Blue Mail suit all the different types of people and ages

• You have the ability to personalize the swipe menus and the push notification actions.
• Lighten up your Mailbox with our customizable color themes, and match them to your mood or style
• Our stunning Dark Theme is easy on the eyes for night time, and can switch automatically to light mode based on your hours configuration.
• Type and Blue is easily accessible with the ability to enlarge font size, supporting TalkBack on applicable devices.