BlueMail and Aquamail are both email applications for your Android devices, but only BlueMail is available for your iOS device.

What about helping to make me more efficient?

BlueMail offers many exciting features that enable you to become more efficient including the Get Stuff Done feature, Clusters, and even Group Mail.

Get Stuff Done enables you to snooze an email for later and give you a gentle reminder that the email needs your attention when you want to be notified. BlueMail's Get Stuff Done also includes a task list to help you keep track of emails.

Clusters by BlueMail helps you to combine you relevant emails and keep them all in one place so you can better access them.

Aquamail does not have any of these features.

Okay, so how many accounts can I add?

With BlueMail, you can add an unlimited amount of accounts from multiple providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Office 365 free of charge.

Aquamail allows you to have two accounts for free, then they charge you $4.99 to add any additional accounts.

What about themes?

BlueMail has a completely customizable interface which allows you to change the color of the app to which ever color is your favorite. Blue also includes a Dark Mode which helps to reduce eyestrain at night.

Aquamail has the ability to change the color scheme as well, however it does not include a dark theme.

Are there any addons?

Aquamail has many addons available for your device. just simply buy them from the play store. You also must have the "Pro" version. So if you want to use Aquamail on your Sony smartwatch with more than two accounts, it will cost you $7.94.

What about BlueMail?

BlueMail is free. There are currently no "addon" packages and no need to pay for additional features. They simply are included.

What's the bottom line?

Easy, try BlueMail first. Then try AquaMail (if you feel like spending $7.49)