BlueMail vs. TypeApp

BlueMail vs TypeApp

BlueMail and TypeApp are two heavy hitters in the email app world that to the untrained eye looks quite similar. However, while both are loaded to the brim with features, have unique UI elements, and are very customizable with many users using them without any changes, both are seperate with different styles.

Email View

  • BlueMail has a traditional reply options menu, on the top header and TypeApp has a special reply bar on the bottom with default center action, quick replies on the left, and more reply options menu on the right.
  • BlueMail has a 3-dot-reply menu in the header of the email whereas TypeApp has this menu on the Bottom reply menu.
  • BlueMail has decided to locate the main email actions on the bottom bar. TypeApp, on the other hand, has a configurable Popup action menu where you can assign any email or reply actions.
BlueMail Type Comparison
BlueMail Type Comparison

Mail List

  • TypeApp and BlueMail’s themes come from different design schools: a more traditional flat design vs a more material design.
  • One major feature that sets both TypeApp and BlueMail apart from their competitors is the use of email clustering. TypeApp makes these clusters a default setting whereas BlueMail leaves it up to the users.

Default Theme

Both TypeApp and BlueMail offer a slew of different options when it comes to customizing the look and feel of their respective email clients, however there are some key differences between the two, see the icons for instance. Some additional initial settings are different, but both can be personalized and amended to offer most of options presented in the other, so whichever email client you have chosen, you can customize it to fit your style.

BlueMail Type Comparison